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GRE Essay Section

The essays can be the most important part of the test. They are often the only demonstration of your characteristic aptitude that an admission committee will see. They were added to the test for this very reason. You write the essay unaided: no library or web resources, no spelling or grammar tools, and no helpful professors or mentors. While good essays may or may not make the difference between admission or exclusion, as there are many factors that determine admissibility, good essays will give you a definite edge over your competition. Our mission is to ensure that you have that edge.

GRE Multiple Choice Section

Most test prep books are full of unnecessary details, exercises, and ambiguous anecdotes. In fact, several guide books on the market today contain entire chapters devoted to sections of the test that do not exist. A publishers business is selling books, so their book must be certain size, contain a certain number of words, and be inexpensive to produce. Our business is improving your test result.

The Official Material

Many essential methods and strategies are not covered in the official material, therefore a preparation program unrelated to the official material is necessary to achieve a great score. The organization that administers the tests, however, holds copyright over all authentic questions. The official guide books and the official websites are the only sources of real questions. Do not be misled: no one can use real questions in their preparation programs.

In order to ensure a successful result on test day, real test questions must be utilized to practice, study, and evaluate performance, thus all CanPrep programs require the official guide book and software.

Compact GRE Methods and Strategies
  • Methods and Strategies that really work.
  • The sections covered in the book will be on your test.
  • The book is self-explanatory: Read, Practice, and Succeed.

Price: $19.95

Your purchase includes:

  • Compact GRE Methods and Strategies guide book (PDF Format)
  • 6 individual essay evaluations, grading, and critique via email (3 Issue and 3 Argument)

For each essay you submit, we will provide: score, critical analysis, and style guidance.

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